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Xeople Recruit Roadmap - Public Launch July 2024

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Created by Entire Software
Created on May 24, 2023

Screening using AI Video Assessment

Candidate shortlisting and screening process has been evolved in many industries specially in the whitecollar space. To save recruiter's time and to be able to assess the right candidate before even you meet them and invest your time in their application assessment, share a simple URL for candidate to record their video by answering a set of questions set.

Key Benefit

Enhanced Candidate Insights: Video assessments provide deeper insights into candidates' non-verbal cues, communication skills, and presentation abilities. Recruiters can assess body language, confidence, articulation, and other relevant qualities that may not be apparent from a resume or phone interview. This additional information helps in making more informed decisions about candidate shortlisting.

if you also believe that AI based Video assessment is a way to go and will help you to innovate the way you do candidate hiring and you would like to share your thoughts then please provide us the details and vote for this feature.

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